The essential list of the baby’s first clothes

The standart size of the baby’s first clothes is 56 cm (22 inches). Some manufacturers provides the age of the baby (for example: 0, 3, 6 months) instead of writting the centimeters (or inches) in the baby’s clothes label.

I have read a lot of opinions and articles and I understood one thing – it is not worth to buy too many clothes because your baby will grow very fast so it is believable that you won’t have a chance to dress your newborn with all the beautiful clothes that you bought.

So, how you can accuretly measure your baby’s size of the clothes? It is very simple – you just have to measure your baby’s lenght from the head till the toes.

When you shop for your baby the main advice would be to buy comfortable, soft and long lasting clothes, which are not synthetic (for example: cotton, wool, linen would be a great choice).

Specialists says that it is best to look for clothes, which are fastened at the front because babies don’t like to dress their clothes over their heads.

So let’s begin with the list of the must haves for your baby

Side – snap tees

It is long-sleeved tess with snaps or bows up the side. Most often it is made from white cotton.


The function of the bodysuit is the same as the side-snap tees but the difference is that the bodysuit is fastened at the bottom.

Moms recommends to have at least three 56 centimeters (age: 0 months) sized bodysuits and two of 62 (age: 3 months) centimeters sized bodysuits.

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